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The World's Greatest Art Consultancy

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By : Alonda Pennas    99 or more times read
Submitted 2011-02-27 20:40:08
The Future Art Consultancy

Locating and putting artwork in a design project is arguably the most hard aspect of the project. Whilst some designers take on this task themselves, many enlist the assistance of an art consultant. 1 limitation of this approach is the consultant's restricted universe of artists. Most art consultants end up with a couple of "go-to" favorites.

Visualize an art consultancy ready to straight access ten,000 artists, with technology capabilities aggregating art selections in a portfolio for emailing or high-resolution printing for presentations. Add the capacity to correspond with customers via e-postcard like chosen pictures. And finish with the ability to access framing alternatives on the internet therefore enabling the designer to truly show the customer how the pieces will appear framed.

Does It Function?

Can a web site assist you find art? Art-Exchange ( is not a new website, not a new service, not a new company. It does, even so, take a new approach to providing art to designers. And it has a new website design that Art-Exchange claims will make the service even much more potent and less complicated to use.

I spoke with Richard Gipe, President and CEO of Art-Exchange, to find out why he thinks his company's service is so particular. I asked him, "If you had to communicate Art-Exchange's worth to designers in a single sentence, what would you say?"

Here's what he said: "If you want to access as a lot art as we have on Art-Exchange, you would have to go to 20,000 galleries, and you would have to deal with so several various sellers that the logistics would be overwhelming." That sounds fairly excellent. But does the internet site work?

About Art-Exchange

Art-Exchange is a company service provider that specializes in solutions for the style trade. They can provide options to designers as an art consultancy, or they can present solutions to art consultants to help them be much more effective and efficient.

For the past 5 years Art-Exchange has been actively contacting artists to list their works on the exchange. These days there are approximately 100,000 distinct functions of art created by over ten,000 diverse artists. Picture browsing 100,000 records to locate the best art resolution. Practically 60% of all the operates are originals, and the remaining 40% is a selection of editions. All of these works are organized in a database, and a search engine locates operates employing any or all of the following criteria:

. Artist's name

. Title

. Subject matter

. Style

. Medium

. Size

. Colors

. Price

. Orientation

Suppose you want oversized original operates and price tag is an issue. Possibly you want only functions with lighthouses. Or possibly you want huge public operates. That's how particular the search engine can be. And with the new style, if you enter several criteria and the search engine can't discover a perform that matches all your criteria specifically, it will refer you to the operates that match your criteria most closely, so that you do not have to start over. As one of the new site's designers mentioned, "We do not ever want to show no one anything."

Typically, designers employ an art consultant or check out many galleries or view print books to locate the excellent art answer. That's the old way of obtaining art. Now designers can search in one spot and view tens of thousands of originals alone. This is the new way of finding art. Art-Exchange let's designers search for all the art they want in one location. That alone has the potential to save time, but the site has some other quite effective features that give designers even a lot more flexibility and power.

Impressive Features

One very essential new function is the Designer Portal. Art-Exchange has 4 different portals that members can use to enter the site. There's one for retail customers, one particular for community partners, and another for artists and other sellers. But the Designer Portal is offered only to designers. The moment you enter the portal, you can search for the art you want, view images of the art, and instantly see designers' wholesale pricing.

Here's an additional wonderful new characteristic: Portfolios. How do you retain track of the operates that match your client's wants? You preserve a portfolio. Designers can set up portfolios for person clients, distinct places, or just for long term reference. It is straightforward to save operates to custom-made portfolios. And it is simple to show the portfolio to clients-from anywhere in the planet.

Yet another terrific feature is the Exhibitions section. Exhibitions incorporate the operates of close to 200 artists and are compiled topically. Prior exhibitions, which are still accessible, incorporate Realism, Landscape, Watercolor, and Impressionism. In order to have fresh tips readily accessible for customers, designers need to be reviewing art all the time, and these exhibitions can assist. It requires only fifteen minutes to view an entire exhibition.

An additional feature that can aid designers and customers work together-especially when customers have difficulty describing their interests-is the Postcard characteristic. Clients can go to the internet site to browse for themselves. They can view an exhibition, browse by artist, or do a search. When they discover something they like, they can send images to their designer utilizing electronic postcards.

Soon, Art-Exchange will even supply the potential to generate Custom Frames on-line so that clients can view the artwork in distinct frames and choose the one particular they like best.

Complete-Service Art Consultancy

Art-Exchange goes far beyond just the website, nevertheless. They also supply complete-service art consultancy. They have a complete staff of qualified art consultants who can do as much or as little as a designer wants them to. Anything a typical art consultancy does, Art-Exchange will do. If a designer operates with an art consultant currently and would like to preserve that romantic relationship, Art-Exchange will even perform with his or her current art consultant.

How to Access the Features and Benefits of Art-Exchange

Go to and check out the Designer Portal. Log in as a designer and discover about how the service works. You can simply search for art, access their full-service art consultancy, or guide your favorite art consultant to Art-Exchange. A subscription is free. Art-Exchange is paid by the sellers on completed transactions so they only get paid if they're helping designers find the right art, for the correct job, at the proper price.

When asked what he would most want to communicate to designers about the company and the service it supplies, Gipe stated, "I want the members of ASID who place art to attempt the art consultancy service at Art-Exchange, and if they'll give us ten% of their trust, we'll earn the other 90%." If you're a designer or an art consultant, it is worth trying. Does it operate? Is it genuinely entire new way of finding art? Yeah, that's what it is. And for designers, the world of art will by no means be the exact same.

Go to and pay a visit to the Designer Portal. Log in as a designer and learn about how the service functions. You can quickly search for art, access their complete-service art consultancy, or guide your preferred art consultant to Art-Exchange. A subscription is no cost. Art-Exchange is paid by the sellers on completed transactions so they only get paid if they're helping designers locate the proper art, for the appropriate job, at the right price tag.

When asked what he would most want to communicate to designers about the organization and the service it supplies, Gipe said, "I want the members of ASID who location art to attempt the art consultancy service at Art-Exchange, and if they'll give us ten% of their trust, we'll earn the other 90%." If you are a designer or an art consultant, it's worth trying. Does it function? Is it truly entire new way of finding art? Yeah, that's what it is. And for designers, the globe of art will never be the exact same.

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